Coastal Whalewatch Flight

Kaikoura Coastal Whalewatch Heli-Tour

Coastal Whalewatch

The best of both worlds - a whale watching heli-ride with a hilltop landing high above Kaikoura's rugged coastline.

Trip Overview

Only by helicopter can you be aerial whalewatching one minute, then be landing on a hilltop high above Kaikoura's unique and rugged coastline in the next.

Within minutes you'll be flying above Kaikoura’s deep-sea canyon, searching for a Giant Sperm Whale. A helicopter offers a remarkable view of the entire whale from head to tail, as we fly slow orbits uninterruptedly above. Then we'll head towards the coastline in search of a pod of Dusky Dolphins.

We'll land above Goose Bay at our exclusive landing site overlooking Hikurangi Marine Reserve and Kaikoura Canyon. From here you will see north along the coast to the Kaikoura Peninsula, south to the Haumuri Bluff, and west to the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges.

Approx 50 minutes, (including hilltop landing, flight approx 40 mins). Minimum numbers apply for flights to proceed.

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